About Us / Our Mission

Brian is known for his innovative cutting edge designs in denim and leather. After his near death motorcycle accident he began coming up with protective clothing ideas for motorcyclists. Since that time he has come up with some stylish designs such as women’s denim skirts, shorts, pants, graphic t-shirts. 

I rode a Custom Harley with a custom three phase pearl purple, gun metal gray, paint depending on the way the sun shined on the purple, blue, an black came out. The sound was unmistakable; you knew you were in the presence of a Harley. I loved to ride the bike everywhere, there is nothing like riding an Iron Horse with the wind in your face. All you’re problems just seem to melt away, while riding an Iron Horse on the open road. Those who have ridden of any length of time; know that feeling of that special freedom!!

And then it happened!!


It was just another day getting ready to go to work on my Iron Horse. I saddled up and went on my way. Shortly after I left I made a stop for fuel and went on. I was having a great ride to work!  I was almost to work when suddenly a semi truck pulled in front of me and I ended up under and between the first drive axle and fuel tank.  The truck had to be moved to free me.


What inspired me was the medieval era when there were castles, swords, and where knights would band together and do for others that they could not.  Those knights were a lot like the people of today that ride motorcycles, and how they ride together to help raise money for others that are stricken with illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, for abused women and kids, and to help the less fortunate.




Our mission is to be a trend leader for others to follow, to make a difference, to develop quality, innovative, unique apparel, in an assortment of sizes and styles to accommodate, both men an women of varying body styles and shapes, with comfort fitting and style using premium denim, bull denim; incorporate leather for unique designs, and to provide  innovative motorcycle apparel




Our vision is to be apart of the solution not the problem in rebuilding America to keep people working in the U.S. as well as help putting people back to work in the U.S.& Manufacture our products that are made in U.S.A. to form strategic alliance with other organization  that help raise money for people that are stricken with assorted illnesses or  that are less fortunate.





The values of Voxie Denim® is to lead, motivate, and develop a team of people that is inspired through strong work ethics, integrity, honesty, not only as a person but as a professional, emotional, and spiritual to reach their potential growth.